Hello again

Hello world, it’s me Bill Adams…yeah it doesn’t work as well as the famous lines by Judy Blume, but then again, I am not cool and known like her. So there’s that…

But in all reality, it has been quite a long time (months in fact) since I have truly had a chance to churn out a blog post, or even a review of a book I’v read. Life got in the way. I bought a house like an adult and spent two months trying get it up and ready – yeah that failed, still lots left to do. Both my dogs got health problems at the same time: Old Man Charlie needed teeth extracted and our lovable stray Freya ended up having heartworms. So yay, lot’s of money to spend all at once…

I’m back though to normalcy, as normal as could be. Now it is just time to get back into the swing of things.

In terms of my writing, I haven’t done really any new writing in the months that have passed. Per a previous post, I have been working on some developmental edits for my fantasy trilogy. The first book is finally complete and I must say I did a much better job conveying the story this time around. The editor I worked with loves the new approach. Now it’s just time to start querying again.

I did start to plot out a new short story, but I will save that for another post because let me just say that short stories are much different to plan/plot than novels and I am truly just learning it…

I have still been reading a lot in the last couple of months so it is time for me to continue on with my reviews of those books. Expect to see them in the next few days.

Also, to spice it up, I think I am also going to start doing some movie reviews as well. I haven’t seen a ton of new movies lately, but maybe this will start me on the path to viewing more regularly than the same select few I watch religiously when nothing else is on. I also want to start reviewing TV shows as well in this medium. I canceled cable and have been binge-watching Netflix so I have some good shows to review. You know, round out my mediums…


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