Bill Adams is currently a project manager for a company that tests your food – making sure the nutritional values on your food are accurate and desired using food chemistry.

During his time at Indiana University, he began to develop his passion for writing, especially within the fantasy genre. It was there, he began to formulate the story that would become The Mistlands Tragedies based on his study of the Classics and Archaeology.

He published a contemporary psychological thriller named Daddy’s Little Dancer in 2012, but used that experience to grow his passion for writing, while learning a bit about the industry.

Diving fully back into the Tragedies, he furiously wrote & re-wrote until the  series was complete. And then he wrote/edited it some more. Never one to stop writing, he finished a completely separate story in a brand new world which later became a follow-up trilogy to the main five book arc. Currently he is in the process of trying get the Tragedies to see the light of day and working on short stories.

Aside from writing, Bill loves movies and TV shows, especially geek stuff or fantasy. He likes to know all the useless trivia like who played who, and what the stories were behind the scenes. He is a master at Scene It.

An avid baseball and soccer fan, Bill enjoys watching and knowing other useless bits of information about the sports.

He currently enjoys a good whiskey, a slice of pizza and growing a beard. It is the little things he enjoys most in this world.

Bill currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and two dogs.