Bill has a pair of fantasy stories in various stages of development, as well as working on short stories. He also had a contemporary thriller published in 2012 called Daddy’s Little Dancer.

The Most Damnable Contract for the Dashing Sky Pirate Duncan LeFleur and his Misfit Crew:

Duncan LeFleur is one of the most daring, most dashing, most ingenious sky pirate captains in all of the Empire – at least in his own mind. He has a name that entails legends, but it will all go to rot if he doesn’t rid himself of the most damnable contract he has ever found himself saddle with.

The Dies Irae Cycle: The Fallen Unbound, The Seals to Heaven, The Phoenix Rebirth

… is a trilogy of Young Adult epic fantasy layered with Grimdark & Steampunk taking place two thousand years in the future. Steam and magic have taken the place of the sciences and kingdoms battle around a mysterious landmass created when the old world was destroyed in a great battle, forever altering the landscape. The Church is the keeper of magic – for only direct belief in God can magic be gifted. The truth we thought we knew about God is not the truth of the heavens – God is finite and his soul must be reborn. It is up to two sorceresses who must navigate the war-torn land in order to reconcile their warring desires of revenge and the duty of faith apart from their growing desires to another.

The Twelfth Rune:

is centered in a world where crystals give magical power in the form of runes – in eleven Queendoms. Each Queendom protects and honors the crystals and only the Godking is able to use the power of all crystals, as well as being the only male to connect with the runes. His twenty-five year duty is drawing to a close and his chosen heir was murdered. With only two heirs remaining, the Crystal Queens are threatening war to ensure which heir is chosen. Sending his trusted Crystalguard in search of his heirs, Kaari Firekissed – lover and fierce protector of the Godking – discovers a new rune has been created, one in which negates all magic and men are able to use. It is up to Kaari to ensure at least one of his heirs makes it to the rebirth of the Crystal of Life, lest the world of the Crystalium plunge into chaos.

The Daemon and the Scourge:

is a short story currently in development. During the Renaissance, a schism arose where three popes claimed the papacy. However, most don’t know that one of those popes was indeed a daemon from Hell. Fifty years later, the daemons hid from mortals, but only until the half-bred child of daemon & mortal is found. It is up to the Scourge and his daemon ally to find the young girl and stop the war from re-opening.

Daddy’s Little Dancer:

…is contemporary psychological thriller in which a woman is sentenced to death for the murder of multiple people. But she claims she is innocent and it is up to her to retrace her steps and find the truth.