The Mistlands Tragedies is a world in which a poisonous mist blankets the land. Magic and electricity is generated from the deadly mist in a mash-up of Roman Antiquity and steampunk.


…is the first book of the tragedies. Centered upon a lowborn urchin named Ashe, who is gifted with the power to breach the veil between life and death. Ashe is drawn into a world of forbidden Alchymia and scheming deities. With war on the horizon, Ashe is plucked from lowborn obscurity and thrust into the unknown life of scheming nobleborn, fervent augurs of the Church, and a body-swapping Goddess intent on freeing her imprisoned brother. Seen as the perfect vessel for a fallen God, Ashe must learn to master her gift before her soul is lost within the Nether and the Fallen breaks all the Seals to Heaven.

The Rune Elemental:

…is the second book of the Tragedies, picking up a year after the invasion of the Mistlands by the Fallen. With the Fallen perilously close to obtaining all the Seals to Heaven, all he needs to break them is the Sealkeeper blade. But this ancient weapon’s secret is located behind a magical barrier where Brynn’s people have prospered for two thousand years without the deadly mist, or the magic birthed from it. Tattooed with alchymiac runes of elemental power, she is sent by her parents on the eve of the Fallen’s attack to find the magical blade before him. She is joined by Ashe in seeking the Sealkeeper.


Other works:

The Daemon and the Scourge:

is a short story currently in development. During the Renaissance, a schism arose where three popes claimed the papacy. However, most don’t know that one of those popes was indeed a daemon from Hell. Fifty years later, the daemons hide from mortals, but only until the half-bred child of daemon & mortal is found. It is up to the Scourge and his daemon ally to find the young girl and stop the war from re-opening.

Daddy’s Little Dancer:

…is contemporary psychological thriller published in 2012 in which a woman is sentenced to death for the murder of multiple people in her life. But she claims she is innocent and it is up to her to retrace her steps and find the truth.